What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from stress and adversity, withstand hardships, and grow despite life's downturns.

Your resilience depends on building a resilient mind.

Research shows that the higher your resilience, the better your:

  • Relationships
  • Emotional well-being
  • Success at work
  • Physical health

What is the Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind Program?

Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind, developed with Amit Sood, M.D., is a digital program designed to help you build resilience, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase happiness. It is self-paced and easy to fit into busy schedules. Backed by more than a dozen clinical trials, Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind has given real people real results.

Start with Train to learn the basics of resilience. Then continue with Sustain to integrate the practices into your daily routine. You will receive emails each week with valuable information from Dr. Sood and links to videos that you can easily integrate into your daily life. Conveniently access the program from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Who is Dr. Sood?

Amit Sood, M.D., directs the Mind-Body Medicine Initiative at Mayo Clinic and is a professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. He is also the researcher and creator behind the Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind program and has authored multiple books, including "The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living" and "The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness."

Dr. Sood has developed an innovative approach toward resilience by incorporating concepts from neuroscience, evolutionary biology, psychology, philosophy and biomedical research.

The program has been tested in more than a dozen peer-reviewed and published clinical trials and reaches approximately 50,000 participants each year. It is beneficial for everyone, including caregivers, corporate executives, health care professionals, parents and students of all ages. At Mayo Clinic, the program is now available digitally and in person to staff, and it is integrated within the leadership and burnout curriculum for physicians, nurses and medical students.

Dr. Sood has authored or co-authored over 70 peer-reviewed articles, editorials, book chapters, abstracts and letters. He has developed award-winning patient education DVDs on topics within integrative medicine ranging from paced breathing meditation and mindfulness to wellness solutions for obesity, insomnia and fibromyalgia.

Is this New Age or Science-based thinking?

Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind has been proved effective by more than a dozen published clinical trials involving hundreds of people just like you who want to become more resilient, manage stress and increase happiness.

In addition to peer-reviewed scientific studies, Dr. Sood and his team are actively involved in several ongoing clinical trials of the program at Mayo Clinic and have published numerous related studies and books.


How do I know if the Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind is right for me?

Are you barely managing the constant demands and obligations in your life? Whether you have small children, a demanding job, health challenges or difficult relationships, finding balance can be stressful. Mayo Clinic has created a program that can help you learn how to manage your stress, increase your happiness and better lift the load of life.

After spending just a couple of hours learning about resilience, you will spend only about five minutes a day practicing simple exercises that can enhance your emotional resilience, improve your relationships and provide greater contentment in your life.

There are so many stress programs out there. Why should I trust this one?

Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind is based on years of research and clinical work by a team of scientists and clinicians led by Amit Sood, M.D., at Mayo Clinic.

The results of more than a dozen peer-reviewed and published clinical trials prove the program can help people just like you decrease stress, anxiety and burnout symptoms and increase resilience and mindfulness. Participants in our research studies showed improvements in several key measures:

  • 50 percent reduction in anxiety
  • 39 percent reduction in burnout symptoms
  • 35 percent reduction in stress
  • 25 percent improvement in mindfulness
  • 25 percent improvement in resilience

What is the difference between the Train and Sustain programs?

Train builds the foundation of a resilient mind. You will learn how your brain works and build resilience over four weekly modules including:

  • Gratitude
  • Mindful Presence
  • Kindness
  • Resilient Mindset

Sustain is a continuation of the techniques you learn during Train. Weekly videos, tips and skills will help you stay motivated and enhance your resilience through regular check-ins. In addition, Sustain will provide opportunities to learn new, science-backed skills and provide insights on resilience-boosting topics that interest you most.

How can I learn more about Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind before getting started?

You can view a free trial video about the program and explore the pages on this website. You will find an overview of the program and detailed information about the clinical trials.


How do I get started with Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind?

Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind ( is a paid subscription website. You must purchase a subscription to be eligible for full access to the website and the exclusive content. You have the option to purchase a subscription to our Train or Sustain program or both. See "What is the Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind program."

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How do I activate my account?

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I already activated my account. What do I do now?

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What is your refund policy?

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How do I cancel my subscription?

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