Selfie with a tulip

We see things as ordinary when our senses and minds become used to them. Things that are extraordinary, on the other hand, defy natural law or are rare.

Where does courage come from?

Courage doesn't decimate fear; courage means that you act despite the fear. Courage activates the part of the brain that mentors and quiets your brain's fear center.

Beacon of hope

Astronomers estimate that each day, approximately 275 million stars in the universe are born and die. Our galaxy alone has up to 400 billion stars...

Help yourself by helping others

Did you know that whether you're processing your own pain or somebody else's, the same areas of your brain light up?

Build a secure sense of self

Your self-worth is the value you assign to yourself. You can't estimate your self-worth by comparing yourself with others.

Can you look at yourself differently?

You are the only you there ever was or will be. The probability that any two individuals will have identical genetic makeup is so low that it's practically impossible.

Shed the habit of hurrying

I find myself hurrying when I am ahead of time. Hurry has become a habit for me. Is it a habit for you, too?

Accepting imperfections

For many toxic chemicals the acceptable level isn't zero, instead it's a finite, measurable number. The same is true for the toxic thoughts of the mind.

See what is right

Research shows that we don't see what our eyes see. Instead, we see what our brain thinks we are seeing.

Reframing your hurts

Acute back pain, particularly the kind in which one wrong twist can send you into severe pain, changes every aspect of life, at least for a few days.