Blog: Shed the habit of hurrying

When I'm running late, I start to hurry. You probably do this, too. But I also find that I'm in a hurry when I am on time. I even find myself hurrying when I am ahead of time. Hurry has become a habit for me. Is it a habit for you, too?

Habits are pre-programmed behaviors. Once they're launched by a cue that initiates them, habits take little or no conscious effort. This effortlessness can be addictive, pulling us into what I describe as a habit whirlpool. While a few habits are essential to our daily living, an entire day that's dominated by habits is one more day lived unconsciously. That's what makes hurry an addictive, toxic habit — because it pulls our minds away from our focus on what's precious and meaningful.

A mind in hurry, hurries past the present. When hurry becomes a habit for me, I find that I bypass savoring each moment. I also find that I bypass kindness.

It's essential to shed the hurry habit — particularly if it isn't necessary to be in a hurry — and replace hurrying with savoring and kindness habits. Once you focus on savoring and kindness, you'll start to more fully experience the gift of life. You'll create more joy, for others and yourself. Try prioritizing savoring and kindness over speed and see how it feels for you.